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    | OUT NOW NZM 061 | Suicide Circle - Punk MF

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    Now available on all fine digital platforms - Suicide Circle - 'Punk MF'!

  • Out tomorrow! BACK THE F@#$ UP YOU PUNK MF'S! Suicide Circle is coming through! If you want grit and grime, this is where you'll find it, and this is just the beginning! If you like your YouTube streaming, this is where you'll find all of his releases in the future: #EnzymeRecords #SuicideCircle #PunkMF

  • "I fight for the ones who can't fight, and if I lose, at least I tried!" What a killer track from Dj NeoX! #EnzymeRecords #NeoX

  • The second and final track on this awesome new EP from Suicide Circle - 'Punk MF', has arrived to do just what music should - 'Diffuse the Tension'! Let's get a little darker with that kick! #EnzymeRecords #SuicideCircle #PunkMF