• Enzyme Records updated their cover photo.

  • Take a trip down memory lane with the sounds of djruffneck & Ophidian O My Gosh! Still giving us goosebumps!

  • Who's EP is next in line?

  • Enzyme 71 by Cruel Intentions - 1 week exclusive on Enzyme Bandcamp only!

  • Here is the second preview of Enzyme 71 Cruel Intentions takes us on a darker trip in a collab with the mysterious Rapture We don’t know if their Stockholm Syndrome is dedicated to all those Swedish Rave Girls that seem to have found their way to hardcore events lately or that it’s a statement about the music industry but the Crispy Kickdrums, Eerie Atmosphere and samples, Vocalbreak that makes your skinrush and the Enzyme Freighttrain hitting you harder than life after the break make this gem an instant Floorfiller.